Increase Workplace Productivity – With Office Cleaning In Birmingham

If you think about it, we probably spend as much time sitting down at work than we do at home during the week (perhaps even more so). This means that the environment that we experience in the office will impact us in the same way as our home interiors do. Now, would you live somewhere that isn’t clean? Of course not – you shouldn’t have to work somewhere that isn’t clean either.

This is why office cleaning in Birminghamis so important for local businesses. As one of the UK’s largest places to live and work, business competition is extremely high – not just to attract clients, but also to attract (and retain) the talented people that create the products clients are interested in, in the first place.

Being able to give your employees a clean place to work will help to provide them with a comfortable, more engaging environment. These are two of many aspects that help to boost productivity – so what else can a clean office help with?

Boosting Productivity With Office Cleaning In Birmingham

The main issue with an unclean office (aside from it being unclean!) is that it’s distracting. According to research , it takes an average of 25 minutes for a person to switch their brain fully back onto a task after an interruption. Built up over a day, a week, a month, a year that’s a lot of time wasted. With office cleaning in Birmingham, a business can cut distractions to a minimum, saving on the hours, perhaps even days, of time lost every year.

The other issues that professional office cleaning can treat include:

  • Sickness . Unclean office furniture and equipment are perfect breeding grounds for germs and bacteria – in fact, the average keyboard can provide a home for up to 7,500 bacteria at any one time . This will only spread illnesses around the office – viruses can survive on hard surfaces (such as desks) for 24 hours. Simply put, if fewer illnesses are created, the better staff will feel – and if they feel well, they’ll be coming to work every day with a sense of vigour and dynamism.
  • Low mood . The prospect of spending as much time at work than at home can be demoralising – so the last thing we need at work is to feel like we exist in an unclean, cluttered space. Regular office cleaning will help to keep everything tidy, even helping employees to think about how they organise their desks in the periods between cleaning. This can only grow good habits that will close down further avenues for germs to go down and form, as well as cutting down on distractions, creating a more organised workplace.
  • Detachment with the business . The perception of a business will start with how it presents itself. The office environment is essentially seen as an extension of its products/services and its makeup will be the first impression that clients and staff will have of the business. Whilst a clean, fresh office space will promote a professional atmosphere, an unclean office will only grow detachment and possibly resentment of the business.
    Professional office cleaning in Birmingham can ensure that the business keeps on top of its image; shining that professional aura to its staff, making them feel comfortable and catered for. This can only be a positive when it comes to growing productivity. 
  • Stress. Work can be stressful at the best of times – the last thing an employee needs is a messy, disorderly and dirty office causing unnecessary stress. Such effects can raise tensions between employees; even something as simple as colleagues not emptying their bins can see stress smash through an uncontrollable barrier. By turning the office into an inviting place, one that takes care of its cleanliness, employees will be arriving with a positive mindset that will be focused on work, rather than the environment around them.

So those were the negative effects that can be turned around with regular office cleaning. The best timesaving way to ensure that an office is clean is by hiring professionals to do the job; also saving you the effort and stress in doing it yourself. If this is something that interests you, the experienced team here at The Cleaning Academy are on hand to help.

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