Office Cleaning In Spring; 3 Things To Think About

Here at The Cleaning Academy, we genuinely care about our customers and clients, so when we make a promise we always keep it. So, if you’re concerned about how to keep your office in the coming spring months, get in touch with our Office cleaning Bournemouth team and enquire about our office cleaning services, available on easy to understand 30 day rolling contracts.

Office Cleaning In Spring; 3 Things To Think About

As a highly experienced cleaning business we’re very aware of the dangerous presented by unhygienic working conditions. So here’s a list of three things to think about when considering office cleaning services in the Spring months.

Stop The Build-Up Of Dust
At first glance, dust might seem quite insignificant; however dust actually includes a diverse selection of different things including dead animal skin cells, microscopic organisms, pollen, or even small pieces of rock. The larger dust particles usually cause no harm, as they can be swallowed or breathed out. However, smaller particles in dust present a much more significant hazard. Small dust particles can penetrate deep into the lungs, and if they are small enough they can be absorbed into blood, causing issues such as coughing, sneezing, eye irritation, and respiratory conditions such as asthma.

However, dust isn’t just the problem; there are also mites living inside dust and people can be allergic to the droppings of these tiny insects. Those allergic to dust mites will often have symptoms such as itchy eyes, sneezing, or a runny nose, which can be very distracting in a workplace environment. These issues are made even more irritating for those with asthma, as dust mites are a common asthma trigger, in fact according to 64% of asthmatics surveyed said it was a trigger of theirs.

Help Employees With Seasonal Allergies
Lots of people in the UK suffer from allergic rhinitis. This condition, more commonly known as hay fever is an allergic reaction in which results in inflammation in the nose. This is typically caused when the immune system over reacts to any allergens present in the air, as such; keeping the office environment clean and hygienic is essential in order to provide some respite for any hay fever sufferers amongst your employees.

It’s important to remember that allergens can be present in the air at any time during the year, whilst many people suffer from hay fever during the spring and summer months (from March to September), it’s not exclusive to that time of year. For example, whilst grass pollen is at its peak in June, tree pollen and weed pollen can be present in the air during November and January; so it’s worthwhile to consider the air quality of your office throughout all 12 months of the year.

In order to make the office air more comfortable for hay fever sufferers, it’s important to use the correct cleaning equipment. For example, if you use feather dusters, you’re going to lift the dust particles back into the air, which could contribute to the discomfort of your staff; instead you should choose a dusting cloth such as a micro-fibre cloth. Micro-fibre cleaning cloths are a fantastic cleaning utensil. They attract dirt and dust like iron filings to a magnet, making them superb for companies concerned about eco-friendliness with regards to using environmentally harmful chemicals such as detergents because thanks to the use of micro-fibre cleaning cloths, you can reduce the amount of harmful detergents and chemicals that are required in the cleaning process.

Prevent The Spread Of Colds And Other Illnesses
Whilst winter is well-known for the spread of illnesses such as Norovirus, flu, and cold, it’s important to remember that the second peak season for the common cold is Spring. As such, it’s essential that you ensure that good hygiene practices are maintained throughout the year. Workplace surfaces such as desk phones, keyboards, and other office items could be covered with all sorts of harmful viruses and bacteria. In fact, the flu virus can linger on unclean surfaces for up to 24 hours. Remember, the average employee typically loses nine working days a year due to sickness. This is quite simply wasted opportunity for your business, so investing in an office cleaning solution is a superb way to maximise productivity and the wellbeing of your employees.

Why Choose Cleaning Academy For Office Cleaning?

Our intelligent cleaning services are available on an easy to understand 30 day rolling contract. We don’t believe in tying you down to long contracts; we’re confident in our abilities and the skills of our expert staff. As a client, you’ll have a monthly meeting with your area manager and our managers will meet with your cleaning team at least twice a month, ensuring that high standards are maintained.

Additionally, it’s important to remember that you have a duty to ensure that the health and safety of your employees are protected as far as is reasonable and practical. The specifics of which are defined in the Health and Safety Act 1974. We understand that for many businesses and professionals, legislation can be very confusing, especially if it’s related to an industry you’re not familiar with. So don’t risk falling short of health and safety compliance, utilise a professional office cleaning solution from a team of expert cleaners, such as The Cleaning Academy

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