Office Cleaning Southampton: The Government’s COVID Checklist

If your business is planning on making a tentative return to the office in the coming weeks, it’s simply vital that you’re aware of what you need to do to ensure that it’s COVID-safe. As part of the guidance for non-healthcare settings, the UK Government’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has set out several steps that need to be followed – as a leading office cleaning in Southampton service, we have compiled this information for you to apply to your return-to-work strategy.

The Steps To Take With Your Office Cleaning In Southampton

As Coronavirus can be transmitted by touching infected surfaces, keeping them clean will vastly reduce the potential spread of infections – it takes just a single infected person to spread the virus around the whole workforce, after all.

The first step to take before office cleaning in your Southampton workplace happens, is a risk assessment. This will help you to understand how everyone is able to work safely (limiting contact, keeping socially distant, etc), as well as what the regular cleaning schedule will look like. Afterwards, a deep cleaning of the office must be done to ensure that all areas, objects and surfaces are disinfected – then regular cleaning will help to maintain that. 

The ‘high contact’ areas and objects that will require extra cleaning include: 

  • Classroom desks, tables and any other type of furniture.
  • Door and window handles.
  • Toilet facilities.
  • Light switches.
  • Computer, printing and any other audiovisual equipment.
  • Reception desks.
  • Telephones.

Aside from those, here are the other steps you need with your office cleaning in Southampton to take to ensure that it stays COVID-safe:

Make cleaning easy – only keep essential areas open

  • Parts of the office that aren’t in use (or not essential for the day-to-day operation), should be closed off to make cleaning easier. As a minimum you will need;
    • Enough space for each employee to social distance (6 feet/2-metres).
    • Toilets to be accessible from the open areas.
    • To clean all office areas

    Increase the daily cleaning schedule

    While all areas will need to be cleaned regularly, ‘high contact areas’ should be the main focus – cleaners will need to perform the additional sanitisation of:

    • Objects that are constantly touched (see above) and bins that are used to dispose of tissues, on a regular schedule throughout the day.
    • All rooms and areas that have been in use, at the end of each day.

    In terms of deep cleaning, this will only need to be done prior to the employees’ return – and after any confirmed (or even any suspected) COVID infections.

    Those are the main steps you will need to take to ensure that your office cleaning in Southampton maintains a consistency of high-quality. If you need a deep cleaning service for your workplace, need additional cleaning help or simply would like further advice, why not consider getting in touch with the experts here at The Cleaning Academy?

    Choose The Cleaning Academy For Workplace Sanitisation

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