Professional Office Cleaning In Basingstoke: Encouraging Employees To Return

Remember when things were ‘normal’? Every day we left the house, commuted to work, said hello to everyone, got down to our tasks in hand and went home again. Sadly, the ongoing situation with the Coronavirus pandemic has made all that seem a distant memory – the days blurring into one as we work with home.

However, by ensuring your business is able to make the workplace safe with professional office cleaning in Basingstoke, you can at least start to begin the process of making things ‘normal’ again. As professional office cleaners who operate across the south of England, we are currently offering advice and assistance to a wide range of workplaces to ensure they are COVID-safe. Aside from the safety aspect, there have been other return-to-work benefits that many of our clients have experienced; here, we’d like to share them with you.

Employee Benefits of Office Cleaning Basingstoke

With working from home undoubtedly providing several benefits (the commute, for one!), why should businesses be encouraging their people back to the office? Let’s take a look… 

Confronts The Negative Affect Home Working May Have on Mental Health.

Despite fast-speed internet and video calls providing us with some contact with the rest of the company, working from home is still a solitary activity. Getting out to the office will break up the monotony of living and working in the same environment 24 hours a day. Although we can’t get too close to one another, just being in the same building as our colleagues will provide a boost to mental health; reigniting creative partnerships and reaffirming friendships.

Solves The Accountability Issues of Working From Home.

Visibility at work is a concern for both employers and employees; when working remotely, managers may find it difficult to be aware of what’s been done and whether it’s being done right. On the other hand, staff may feel like they need to overwork and do more hours than they would do in an office just so they are seen as visible. By using professional office cleaning in Basingstoke to return to the office, a set number of hours will negate all these issues. Instead, employers can see what’s going on and employees won’t feel the need to overwork.

Provides The Company With A Reputational Boost.

Even in the current situation in which businesses and people are fragmented, having a central place of business communicates a position of strength. It tells people that the company has taken all the measures it needs to in order to get operational, serving its client base. Creating such imagery can only prove to be a positive; not just within your client/customer base, but amongst your dedicated staff members too (especially if they’re itching to get back to the office and to some version of normality).

It all starts with a rigorous plan for your cleaning and sanitisation – so, if you’re looking to encourage your team(s) back to work in the coming months, The Cleaning Academy teams can help to create a safe, engaging working environment for everyone.

Choose TCA For Deep Cleaning of Offices In Hampshire

We understand any concerns that you may have about the intensity of the cleaning job your facility receives – being a place of work that is in constant use, health concerns are a natural thing to worry about.

This is why our office cleaning in Basingstoke ensures every aspect of your workplace is cleaned with a high-strength anti-bacterial cleaning product.  Our experienced office cleaners can make sure:

  • Your cleaning regimes are updated to the latest government health & safety guidelines for sanitising (including handwashing, social distancing and measures against staff sickness)
  • That increased cleaning and disinfection is carried out on objects and surfaces that are touched regularly.

Our deep cleaning of offices can be arranged at times that suit your particular circumstances. We can carry out additional sanitising cleans during the day or evening, on a daily or weekly basis.  If your business decides to close for a time, we will use the closed period to sanitise your offices, ensuring they are thoroughly ready for your staff to return to.

Interested in learning more? Why not give our team a call today on 0800 707 6722 or send an email to us at

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