School Cleaning: How To Guard Against Coronavirus

As life is slowly returning to normal (albeit, a ‘new normal’), after the COVID-19 lockdown, all public spaces are required to take steps to ensure that they aren’t at risk of further transmitting the virus. For schools, many of which have closed early for the summer holidays, this means introducing stringent cleaning practices to keep students and staff safe for when the new term begins.

As a professional school cleaning service here at The Cleaning Academy, we have all of the expertise to ensure your educational establishment is kept safe, protecting the wellbeing and health of students and staff.

Here, we’ve compiled the key information you need to understand the measures you’ll need to put in place before your school opens its doors again.

COVID School Cleaning – The Steps To Take

Coronavirus can be transmitted by touching infected surfaces – keeping them clean will vastly reduce the potential for infections to spread. As a school is already required to have regular cleaning schedules in place, it is ideally set-up to tackle COVID-19 - as part of HSE’s guidance, cleaning staff will need to increase how often and how thoroughly they clean.

A risk assessment is the key first step to take when deciding how everyone can work safely, and what the regular cleaning schedule will look like. Deep cleaning of the school must be performed to ensure that all areas, objects and surfaces are disinfected, with the regular cleaning helping to maintain that.

Aside from those, here are the steps to take to ensure your school remains safe throughout the COVID pandemic:

Make cleaning more manageable

  • Only keep essential areas open – Parts of the school that aren’t in use (or not essential for the day-to-day operation), should be closed off to make the cleaning more manageable. As a minimum you will need;

    • Enough classrooms to meet the government guidelines on class sizes and social distancing.
    • Toilets are able to be accessed from the areas that are being kept open.
    • Dining areas.
    • Access to outdoor or indoor space for play and exercise.
    • Office areas.

    Increase the daily cleaning schedule

    Those are the main steps you will need to take to ensure that your school cleaning schedule maintains a consistency of high-quality. If you need a deep cleaning service for your school, need additional cleaning help or simply would like further advice, why not consider getting in touch with the experts here at The Cleaning Academy?

    TCA: Deep Cleaning For Schools

    As you’re responsible for the welfare of your students during the days they’re at school, it’s understandable if you have concerns about the methods used to cleanse your facilities. Although our standard chemicals do an ample job, as of 2020, we have switched to using higher-strength chemical cleaning products that give our sites a deeper clean.

    Aside from this, we have closely followed changes in guidelines set out by government health and safety to ensure that our staff and managers can:

    • Make sure that the cleaning regimes they undertake reflect increased requirements for sanitising.
    • Increase the cleaning and disinfecting of objects and surfaces that are touched regularly.
    • Ensure any member of their team who may be suffering from a continuous cough or high-temperature is sent home, and social distancing is put in place.

    To improve the sanitising of your site, we can provide additional services, such as extra cleans during the day (and/or evenings), as well as deep cleans throughout your building at a time that suits you.

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