The 5 Challenges of Office Cleaning In Croydon

Whilst cleaning an office may sound like a straightforward task, it can be anything but. By knowing special maintenance techniques and being able to put in place the right procedures, a business can create a vibrant working space that will lend itself well to upping productivity rates.

With much at stake, it is highly recommended that if you run your own business, you hire a professional service for all of your office cleaning in Croydon needs.

To help you make the right decision in this process, we’re going to list the ‘5 challenges of office cleaning’ that you’ll be facing.

Addressing The Challenges of Office Cleaning In Croydon

Challenge #1. General Maintenance of an Office Environment

With offices being typically busy places, their environments can quickly and easily become cluttered and dirty. Whether it’s papers scattered on the desk and floor, food and drink left out or even something like wet coats or bags not being stored properly; this creates a dirty and unpleasant working environment.

To keep on top of such issues, you should always ensure that each employee has sufficient storage in which to keep papers and (recyclable) waste bins are dotted around the office. There should also be a dedicated area for them to take a break, relax and eat in, as well as a cloakroom so that coats and bags do not provide an uncomfortable hazard in the working areas. Ensuring that your employees keep up these procedures is also a good idea!

Challenge #2. Caring For Carpets and Curtains

(Dependent on your company’s aesthetic tastes of course!), rugs, carpets and curtains are common sights within the average office. Although they look (and feel) stunning – positively affecting the feelings experience inside your interiors – one major issue they present is their ability to accumulate dust over a relatively short period of time. This will require special care to sanitise – the larger the dust gathering, the greater the risk of health issues for people who suffer from allergies or have respiratory problems.

The time-honoured method to rid carpets, curtains and rugs of dust is to hit them with an implement of some sort – which is nearly always insufficient in ridding them completely of dust. Therefore it is recommended that a vacuum cleaner is used on a regular basis to ensure that all dust has indeed been gotten rid of.

The problem is though, that certain items will be made from materials that may require a specialised method of cleaning. This is where it’s advantageous to turn to professional office cleaning in Croydon – not only can such a service help to clean your carpets, curtains and rugs, leaving them looking at their best for longer, they’ll also be saving you the time-consuming job of doing it yourself, freeing you up to go about other vital tasks in the workplace.

Challenge #3. Proper Use of Water As Treatment

Whilst water is the natural ‘go-to’ cleaning solution, using it requires certain precautions to be taken to avoid serious accidents – especially when floors and stairs are involved. Water should be used sparingly in such areas, with ‘wet floor’ signs placed in the appropriate places.

Care must also be taken with water (and feet in general) around any wires, plug and the electrical appliances they provide power to. Any contact with water and the electrical current can cause shocks.

Challenge #4. Cleaning Computers and Electronic Equipment In The Office

Speaking of which; electronic equipment is key in the modern office environment. Having the right computers, printers, televisions and telephones play greatly in how well work can be produced, how well the company can communicate to the outside and how well employees are able to relax and recharge during a particularly stressful day. Like everything else, electronic equipment is a regular victim of dust – if any small holes are present on any of these devices (which they most often are, to prevent overheating), dust will find its way in and affect their operations.

It is therefore important to know how to perform the correct cleaning techniques that will successfully remove the dust, without damaging any of the equipment in the process. Before attempting any cleaning, it’s always advisable to check the manual of the device for the correct techniques and, especially, to learn what types of cleaning products can be used – using the wrong one could be critical.

It’s highly recommended that water should never be used to clean electrical components – short-circuiting and shocks are all too common. The use of equipment/items such as compressed air, microfiber cloths and cleaning swabs are great to use to clean computer devices and peripherals. It’s always best though, to seek out professional office cleaning in Croydon for the safe and efficient maintenance of your electrical items.

Challenge #5. Outside Areas

Reflecting your office to the outside, ensuring that the external areas are clean is vital in setting the right image to those who pass by (or even approach your building). Professional office cleaners have all of the materials, tools and equipment for this purpose; whether it’s cleaning external glass, sweeping up leaves or preserving the general fixtures of the building.

If you’re interested in the hire of an office cleaning in Croydon service for your outside areas or indeed, any or all of these points, why not consider getting in touch with the experts here at The Cleaning Academy?

Professional Office Cleaning Services In London

Here at The Cleaning Academy, we have been operating as a professional cleaning service for quite some years now. Although getting the job done to a constant high standard is fundamental to what we do, we endeavour to go that extra mile to suit the needs of our clients – whether you need out-of-hours office cleaning or one that operates overnight, we can fit our schedule around your requirements. It is this approach to customer service that has allowed us to establish a leading UK office clean service.

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