The Importance of Office Cleaning In Bournemouth

As society is learning more about the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are taking steps to create a safe working environment for their people to return. The cleanliness of the office is a vital part of achieving this – as part of the government’s COVID guidelines for workplaces, working areas must be subjected to a constant cleaning programme. This includes the disinfecting of all floors and surfaces, with extra attention paid to particularly busy areas.

With demands on your time, this may prove problematic – so if you need professional help regarding your office cleaning in Bournemouth, the experienced team here at The Cleaning Academy can help. Here, we’ve put together a handy guide of what you need to do before you reopen for business.

Your Office Cleaning In Bournemouth

First and foremost, all businesses must undertake a risk assessment to understand how everyone is able to work safely – keeping their distance, limiting contact, etc. Another aspect of the risk assessment is understanding what the office cleaning schedule will look like; namely, identifying the high-contact areas that are most in use.

Prior to reopening, a deep clean must be performed. This sees all areas and objects disinfected – the regular cleaning schedule is designed to maintain the same level of cleanliness. A deep clean will only need to be performed once if all measures are followed – the only exception being if any employee is found to be infected. In this case, an additional deep clean will have to be done to ensure any possible lingering virus is eliminated.

What will require constant cleaning?

According to the government guidelines, your business should take care to regularly sanitise and disinfect high contact surfaces, using approved HSE agents. If possible, you should reduce the number of high contact areas by imposing controls to prevent contact with countertops – obviously, this will prove impossible in some situations. The high contact surfaces that will need sanitising as part of your office cleaning in Bournemouth, includes: 

  • Tables;
  • Countertops;
  • Door handles;
  • Light switches;
  • Keyboards;
  • Touch screens;
  • Toilets and sinks;
  • Desk phones.

How often does cleaning need to be performed?

Office cleaning teams should undertake routine cleaning procedures at least once daily and depending on the occupancy of the space, sanitise high-contact areas (as per above) more frequently.

As an example of this; the sanitising of a toilet can be done by every person who uses it; a spray should be supplied for them to sanitise all surfaces before they leave. A larger bathroom facility may require regular sanitisation from a professional cleaner to further reduce the risk of infection.

In terms of personal hygiene, the easiest and most effective method of reducing the infection risk is through regular hand washing. Employees should wash their hands when arriving and leaving work, as well as several times throughout the day – every time they use a communal object (such as a door handle or water tap) or after performing a task with one of the high contact objects. Hand sanitiser (that contains at least 60% alcohol) should also be supplied for their use.

If you would like further advice on ensuring that your workplace is (and remains) COVID-safe, why not get in touch with the expert team here at The Cleaning Academy?

Expert Deep Cleaning From The Cleaning Academy

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