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Clean environments help employees to stay healthy

Whether your warehouse is used for long-term storage or it plays a more central role within your business, you'll want to keep it immaculate at all times. We therefore understand the specific challenges presented to Health and Safety in a warehouse or industrial environment.


Responsible Cleaning Services

It is vital to provide a clean and safe environment so that employee work is not affected.

Clean environments help employees to stay healthy which has an impact on their productivity, through the prevention of illness related absences from work.

It is imperative to keep warehouses and other industrial centres clean so that operations are not halted due to uncleanliness or illness.

Responsible Cleaning Services
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Our approach to your cleaning contract will include some or all of the following eco-friendly initiatives:

We will clean your premises thoroughly and efficiently while maintaining a strong environmental focus.  We use concentrated environmentally-friendly cleaning products whenever possible.

Additionally, we reduce our carbon footprint by choosing local suppliers and eliminating unnecessary journeys.

We know you’ll be delighted with our cleaning services so we won’t tie you down to a lengthy contract. How does a simple and easy to understand 30 day rolling contract sound?

We are so confident in our service that we never hold customers to lengthy fixed term cleaning contracts. 

Our philosophy is simple, we promise an excellent service and we deliver. 

Quality management is important to us so you can see exactly what you'll get when you choose us.

  • You'll have a monthly meeting with your area manager.
  • One point of contact for all your enquiries
  • Our managers will meet with your cleaning team at least twice per month
  • Our proactive approach through cleaning quality audits means we can identify any potential problems before they take hold.
  • Your cleaning team will be professionally trained to look for intelligent ways to clean - for example, not wasting time 'cleaning' carpets that don't need cleaning.
  • Flexibility - we understand your cleaning needs and circumstances can change and we're able to adapt quickly.
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